ExPro PPHUT Import – Export Bolesław Prondziński

Wałdowo 40

77-200 Miastko

e mail : office@exprowaldowo.pl

tel: 59 857 13 18



ExPro PPHUT Import – Export Bolesław Prondziński company produces wooden garden accessories since 1994.


ExPro is a family business that bases it`s strategy on traditional values. We build strong and long lasting family relationships with our clients and employees. These are the values which  are the foundation of our business and personal success.



We manufacture our goods from pine and spruce wood. The annual throughput of the raw material reaches 120 000 m3. Our products have FSC certificate. We offer products such as: fences, pergolas, terrace boards, flower pots, borders, rollborders, palisades, children’s houses and playgrounds.


We offer domestic and international transport and also carriage of wood and wood waste. Our fleet consists 70 trucks.



The strategy of our company is focused on continuous improvement of production processes. Expro invests in ecological technologies. Our production is driven by own wind farms.