ul. Ofiar Katynia 17
37-700 Przemyśl

tel. +48 16 675 96 00

fax +48 16 678 04 41



We are the only Polish manufacturer* of fiberboard, which we produces by wet method. Our company was established in 1959. Over the years we have been developing our product, manufacturing process, and our internal structures.



Our experience and innovative technological solutions place us very high in the ranking of fiberboard manufacturers worldwide. Currently we produce soft and hard boards on four production lines, and also distribute other wood-based products. As part of the development we are building the 5th production line which will increase the processing capacity for softboards.

*100% Polish equity



We specialize in softboards (eg Standard, Thermo, WR, Wall, Izopanel, Eco-Bit) used mainly in construction. We also manufacture hardboards (varnished, perforated, oiled) that are used in the furniture, packaging and steel industries. Our next product is decorative colored wood chips, which will decorate any garden.