Stolarstwo Tomasz Wróbel

Wólka Tanewska

Ul. Wołoszyny 21c

37-410 Ulanów



TEL.:  605 727 534 | 607 035 007



Tomasz Wróbel Woodworking Company was established in 1996 and is a company with 100% share of the Polish capital. It specializes in the production of pine wood products – furniture boards, scantlings, plywood. Production takes place in one place, in a modern machine park with fully controlled production process.



It offers knot-free micro jointed boards or solid slats boards. The by-product obtained during wood processing is used for the production of high calorific Pellet. The wood comes exclusively from forests certified in the FSC® system. The wide offer is complemented by the MEBLE WRÓBEL furniture brand focused on the production of wooden beds for children. The company focuses on the quality of its products and on the experience and high qualifications of its employees. The confirmation of quality and reliability of the company are numerous diplomas and certificates rewarding the quality of offered products.


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