RSC BIS Sp. z o.o.

Skrzynki k/Buku ul. Dworcowa 42

62-060 Stęszew


Telefon: +48 61 8196433

Fax: +48 61 8196290




The company RSC BIS Ltd was established in 1993 and specializes in the production of the wooden  garden features. Many years of experience allows us to achieve very high quality products.

The company owns two plants with a total area of 7 ha:

  • Production plant in Skrzynki
  • Production plant in Chrośnica


Long-term cooperation with demanding customers has allowed us to develop methods that guarantee high quality products, timely deliveries and great flexibility in adapting the product range to the changing market needs.


The company has a chain of custody certificate with the international trademark FSC

Production profile:

– timber and softwood products

– wooden garden features