PPHU Tartak Import-Export Jerzy Abramczyk Wólk

Folwark 14
07-205 Rząśnik

Tel.: +48 29 596 66 20
Fax: +48 29 596 80 14
E-mail: tartak@tartak-abramczyk.pl


Production profile:

– sawn timber and products from softwood



We started business in 1994. We registered our first company named “Wood Trade” on January 12, 1994 at the Rząśnik Commune Office under the registration number 3/94. In August of the same year, we launched the first sawmill. The next two years the company was mainly based on wood sawing services. We started cooperation on a larger scale with the State Forests in 1997, when we processed 5.150 m3 of roundwood. It was the year of our major investments and the expansion of sales to foreign markets. During the next 4 years, the processing of roundwood was at the level of 5.500 m3.


In 2002 we made our debut on the regional market, we signed a contract for the first time with the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Warsaw and purchased 11.500 m3 of roundwood. In the following year 2003, it was already 26.350 m3.


2003 was a tragic year in the history of the company, when part of the plant burnt on June 17-18. However, good results of cooperation with State Forests and clients let us quick recover the damage. At the end of the year, we launched production for the Spanish market in the new hall.