KONAR Sp. z o.o.

Skindzierz 3
16-140 Korycin
tel./fax.: +48 85 72 19 190, 85 72 19 705,
85 72 19 706
e-mail: biuro@konar.net.pl

mobile/whatsapp +48 510 091 950,   w.tomaszewski@konar.net.pl


PHU „Konar” is a private enterprise with a long experience and tradition in manufacturing and selling building timber from pine and spruce, that is confirmed by the CE quality mark. Another group of goods manufactured and offered by “Konar” is THERMOWOOD -thermally modified wood.



A basic element of our market policy is taking care of providing permanent and unchangeably high quality of the materials we offer. PHU “Konar” co-operates with raw material suppliers from Polish forests of north-eastern Poland therefore, the wood is FSC certified. High quality criteria characterizing raw material acquired for production, outstanding quality and precision of processing, machines systematic upgrading and rigorous quality assessment of finished products, are just some of the elements of the Konar Quality System.



Our experience in timber manufacture may be measured by our production output as well – which is over 40.000 m3 of processed timber per annum, Until 2022, it is planned to increase production to 100.000 m3.