Jagram-Pro S.A

ul. Leśna 16
14-240 Susz

Telefon: +48 55 27 86 264
fax +48 55 27 86 051
e-mail: office@jagram.pl


Jagram Pro S.A. PIGPD biuro@pigpd.pl


Business sectors: housing, woodworking, construction

Established: 1999

Employment: 95 people




Technology used: wood bending with simultaneous layer gluing, 5-axis CNC machining

Technological scope of pressing:

Max width 400 mm

Max length 19,000 mm

Min R of bending 450 mm

Wood species used: Spruce, Pine, Douglas Fir, Larch

Applied adhesives: polyurethanes, fully waterproof joints in all climatic conditions

Products: straight beams, curved beams

Application: modern construction, renovation of historic structures, prototype structures, roof structures, wooden sheds, terrace roofing, roof dormers, interior design.

Certificates: Construction CE compliance with EN 14080, Ecological PEFC, FSC ISO 9001 management

Registered marks: TCLwood618

Patent: EP3416791.